Having a part-time job can be really great - it gives you some extra spending money and can help you get really useful work skills. 

If you are still in education - even if you are already 16 - there are rules about the type of work and number of hours you can do. 

You can find out more about working when you are under 16, including how to get a child employment permit, on the Durham County Council's Employment of Children web page.

If you complete Year 11 and want to get a job you need to know that you will be up against people who may have both qualifications and experience of work. The Government is committed to keeping you ‘in learning’ until you are 18, so you will probably be looking for work which fits around your studies.

At 16 and 17 you are classed as a ‘Young Worker’ so there are fewer restrictions on the amount and type of work you do but in most cases, you cannot work more than eight hours a day and a total of 40 hours a week. You must have rest breaks and holidays.

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